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Surface preparation

Thorough surface preparation is a critical part of proper floor system function (for cement screed, resin and decorative floors).


The preparation technology includes following steps:

  • Shot blasting ensures complete removal of all excessive cement slurry, remaining paint or other coatings, rubber patches (for example from pallet trucks), and loose surface elements. This type of preparation is also suitable prior to the application of other layers onto a machine polished concrete floors serving as a base for resin screeds. After thorough shot blasting, the surface offers excellent bonding strength of up to 1.5 N/mm2. The technology uses steel shot rotating in a closed circuit with industrial vacuum cleaner connection providing dust free operation. On an ever surface the system is able to process between 250 and 300 m2 per hour. The resulting surface is roughened, devoid of non-structural particles, clean, vacuumed and ready for the application of the final coating.
  • Grinding is one of the least intrusive surface preparation methods, particularly suitable for application of thin layer screeds, as it provides a fine surface structure. The technology uses several types of rotary grinding machines with diamond pads (suitable for both old and new concrete surfaces for levelling minor protrusions and steps) or emery grinding (suitable for preparation of less robust surfaces, such a cement coatings, self levelling screes, anhydride and resin floors). Hard to access spots are ground with an angle grinder with a diamond pad and an industrial vacuum cleaner connection for dust free operation.
  • Milling eliminates uneven areas, thick layers of paint, screed and other contaminants (lubricant stains, grime deposits, etc.). Repeated milling of uneven areas provides optimal surface for further treatment using other technologies – shot blasting or grinding. Milling requires the use of either „flail planers“ (which impact the surface, removing small protrusions, coating and loose material) or „millling cutter planers“ (which remove larger protrusions, polymer concrete, thick layer coatings, etc.). Spraying or vacuum extraction can be used to reduce dust formation.

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