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Resin floors

Resin flooring technology is suitable for such environments, where the concrete surface itself does not meet the chemical and physical specifications required, such as lubricant and fuel contamination resistance, detergent and disinfectant resistance and high concentration acid and lye resistance. Other necessary properties may include increased hardness, flexibility, low absorption, high grip, non slip and dust free surface characteristics, antibacterial (polyurethane) and antistatic (conductive) properties.

These systems are also used in renovation and rehabilitation of worn or damaged finishes mainly on industrial floors in manufacturing and storage buildings of all types, in printing, textile and chemical industries, but also in public buildings, such as shops, hospitals, schools and offices.

Each environment requires different technology – epoxy, methyl methacrylate (MMA) or polyurethane. The floor systems or different resins can be individually combined to suit a particular environment (for example MMA and PU for fast hardening and flexibility) and improve their properties for that specific use. We offer the most advanced resin products from the world’s top synthetic building material manufacturers.

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Decorative floors

Decorative floor systems have a variety of uses in both public and residential buildings but also in industrial environments where added aesthetic value is required. These systems can also be used in building rehabilitation, mainly on stair steps and corridor floors.

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Stencil decorative floors

See swatches of decorative flooring. You can also mix your own online shade floor.

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Epoxy resin floor systems

Epoxy resin floors offer a substantial increase in quality parameters, namely the mechanical, physical and chemical specifications of the floor. This technology is widely used in manufacturing and exhibition buildings, chemical factories, food industry, parking, supermarkets, etc.

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MMA resin floor systems

Floor systems using methyl methacrylate resins are applied mostly in rehabilitation of old and damaged surfaces.

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Antistatic floor systems

Antistatic floors systems are specialised surfaces offering a low level of electrical conductivity. These floors are used in all areas requiring prevention of electrostatic discharge, which may otherwise threaten production or storage.

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Polyurethane floors

Polyurethane floor systems offer excellent surface properties, such as high chemical resistance, together with antibacterial and aesthetic function. The technology uses a variety of systems based on polyurethane resins, selected according to the required specifications and use.

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RAL sampler

See RAL color scale.

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