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Machine floor cleaning

With the costs rising in almost all aspects of life today, proper maintenance is critical to keep both equipment and buildings in good working order and to preserve their function as well as aesthetic value. Regular maintenance and cleaning is also necessary to protect the safety features and other surface properties of modern floor systems.

Machine floor cleaning in industrial buildings includes removal of rough dirt by sweeping and vacuuming and subsequent machine cleaning according to the specific requirements of the respective surface (concrete, resin screed, synthetic terrazzo, etc.), use and environment type.

Sweeping is done manually or with a machine sweeper. Finer dirt is removed by industrial vacuum cleaners. The subsequent wet cleaning uses several types of machines:

  • Circular brush machines with a single motor driving a cleaning pad for normal floor systems.
  • Automatic cleaning machines with various brush types (according to the extent of cleaning required) for larger areas.
  • Thin layer resin coating applicators, which offer aesthetic renewal to existing floor systems and improve the physical properties of the surface (such as hardness) provide the floor with improved resistance to wear damage.
  • Diamond floor polishing machines with segmented pads can be chosen to renew and revive the surface. Rotary polishing machines with segmented diamond pads use billions of microscopic particles within the pad to polish and clean the floor (without any additional chemicals) resulting in a gloss surface finish.

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Resin floors

Resin floors

Resin flooring technology is suitable for such environments, where the...

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