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Custom built foundations

Separate custom built foundations are required for floors in new or renovated production buildings equipped with heavy machining or manufacturing devices, which could influence surrounding structures. Separate foundations are also necessary to eliminate possible influence of the surrounding environment on manufacturing equipment.

Equipment influence on the surrounding environment is evaluated according to its effects, magnitude and intensity. Crucial are the aspects of static load, dynamic load (vibrations), and weight distribution and effects on the underlying material. The devices can be machining equipment, robotic manufacturing lines, industrial presses, etc.

Environment influence on equipment includes dynamic loads (vibrations) and the magnitude and occurrence rate is considered for the purposes of special foundations application.

The horizontal measurements are specified by the dimensions of the particular pieces of equipment, alternatively by the positioning of the anchoring points, including required minimal load spread dimensions. Vertical measurements are specified by the calculated pressure generated by the equipment (both static and dynamic) together with the influence of the underlying material properties – bearing capacity, ground type and composition, ground water level, etc. There are cases of necessary foundation thickness of up to 8,000 mm.

Reinforcing is applied according to calculations based on the various load factors and is built by tying deformed steel bars with molded ties. The diameters and dimensions also depend on the load calculations. The reinforcing structure follows the terrain on uneven ground. Simple, flat foundations use prewelded deformed steel reinforcing mats. The whole outer perimeter of the foundations is reinforced. Areas with higher load requirements are usually more densely reinforced and central parts of foundations more sparsely reinforced.

The foundations are built using the C30 to C37 specification concrete, which is thoroughly vibrated with an immersion concrete vibrator. Subsequent machine smoothing provides further strength and eliminates undesirable cavities preparing the surface for the final coating, which is necessary for protection against damaging agents. Resin coatings and screed systems present the optimal solution.

Anti vibration insulation is used to eliminate transference of dynamic loads both onto or from the equipment foundation. The material (cork or XPS) thickness varies from 8 to 30 mm. The depth is adjusted according to requirements given by the above mentioned static load calculations and type of contact with surrounding floor or underlying material. Certain load levels require fully insulated foundations.

The top edge of the anti vibration plates must be treated with suitable coating to protect it from compression and from penetration of fluids and other damaging agents and objects. The technology involves specialised sealing compounds with sufficient adhesive properties and resistance to various aggressive agents (coolants and lubricants, water). Polyurethane based compounds are optimal, as they match the required adhesiveness, flexibility, durability and resistance criteria.

Different levels and shapes of foundations are used when liquids are required to be channeled into pumping pits or in case of other equipment requirements, such as installation of hydraulic units, engines, or actuators.

Equipment drive units mounted on the foundation produce dynamic loads which could compromise proper operation of the production technology. Therefore, separate foundations with anti vibration insulation are required.


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