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Concrete floors

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Machine polished concrete slabs

Machine polished concrete floors are among the most common types of floors on the market. Machine polishing is used on concrete slabs where polished surface finishes are required, such as on base plates in public, residential or industrial buildings, on monolithic ceiling plates or on levelling and filling plates.

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Reinforced floors with shakes

Reinforced concrete floors with shakes can be used in most types of industrial buildings, such as factories and warehouses, including heavy duty areas. They are also suitable for office buildings, shopping centres, parking facilities and outdoor use.

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Fibre reinforced concrete

Concrete floors with dispersed reinforcing fibres gain popularity in planning and construction of various building types, from industrial, storage, office, and parking buidings to agricultural use.

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Cement-concrete pavement – brushed finishes

The decisive factor in these floors is their intended use. Cement-concrete pavement is subject to changes in climate and volume, road salts and other aggressive chemicals (use of concrete containing aerated aggregates), dynamic loads, impact, abrasion, and mechanical wear due to tire friction.

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Blinding concretes

A blinding concrete plate is a base layer of concrete (with a minimal thickness of 50 mm) cast into a footing trench before any reinforcement for the foundations is installed. The blinding concrete of a higher thickness levels the surface of the footing trench.

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Lightweight concrete

Lightweight concrete is used mainly in old building restoration as a filling interlayer for example in old ceiling constructions, where unnecessary additional load is not advised. This type of concrete can also be used as a filling layer providing excellent thermal insulation on roofs, floors, etc.

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