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Anhydrite screeds

Anhydrite screeds are gaining popularity in residential buildings due to their excellent characteristic specifications.

The technology is based on a mixture of anhydrite (calcium sulfate – CaSO4) binder, aggregates and water. The self levelling properties of anhydrite screeds are the main factor in the success of this technology in replacing the traditional cement screeds.

The anhydrite mixture offers faster application when compared to cement screeds, with a daily production capacity between 1,000 and 1,500 m2 (on simple, continuous surfaces) and shorter technological intervals for setting. (Full foot traffic load on the surface is possible in just 48 hours. Surface sets in approx. 5 days. Setting time required is about 1 day per 1 cm of anhydrite mixture layer. Unlike the cement screeds, the anhydrite technology offers full setting in just 21 days.)

The anhydrite systems are also ideal for underfloor heating, owing to the self levelling properties of the mixture, which perfectly covers the hot water pipes, providing a nearly absolute flatness to the surface, which does not require other layers of levelling screeds (cement, or other) for the application of the final flooring materials (ceramic tiles, rugs, etc.).

Unlike other traditional cement screeds, the self levelling anhydrite screeds do not require continuous compacting (by vibrators or compactors). The mixture is compacted, vented and levelled all in a single technological step by dappling. The dappling bars of various lengths are used in 3 stages. Stage 1 and 2 is deep dappling in a crossing pattern. The final surface rippling stage provides the level floor characteristics. Long workability of anhydrite screeds offers application and finishing in a single step on the whole floor area providing ideal homogeneity for the final surface, which is perfectly level and even.

Technical specifications:

  • full load in 5 days
  • compression strength extreme of min. 20 MPa after 28 days
  • bending strength of 5 to 6 MPa after 28 days
  • density of 2,100 kg.m3 after 28 days
  • max. residual moisture for laying of vapour tight flooring materials is 0.5 % and bearing capacity is 0.21 kN.m–2 per 1 cm of screed layer thickness
  • max. residual moisture for laying of vapour permeable flooring materials is 1 %
  • max. residual moisture for laying of vapour tight flooring materials is 0.5 % and
  • thermal expansion coefficient 12.10–6 K–1.
  • thermal conductivity coefficient 1,2 W.m–1 K–1

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