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Reinforced floors with shakes

Reinforced concrete floors with shakes can be used in most types of industrial buildings, such as factories and warehouses, including heavy duty areas. They are also suitable for office buildings, shopping centres, parking facilities and outdoor use.

These floor slabs provide a minimal floor thickness of 80 mm and are further defined by the specific load requirements (static, dynamic), geological factors, etc. The final thickness of these concrete floors then ranges from 80 to 350 mm according to these requirements.

The resulting surface has inproved hardness, abrasion, impact and absorption (oil, lubricant, solvent) resistance specifications.

The required surface is achieved by applying a finish combing the dry shakes with special types of cement, aggregates and chemical admixtures.

The advantage of these types of floors is relatively low price, short delivery time span, high load capacity, reduced dust formation, higher impact resistance and aggresive substance absorption resistance. The final surface can also be dyed by adding colouring agents.

In case the surface needs to meet higher abrasion resistance and hardness requirements, the corundum and metallic particle content can be adjusted.

Reinforced concrete floors with shakes are finished with a protective acetylene based coating which slows the evaporation of the mix water thus eliminating the formation of contraction microcracs.

The dilatation joints in the resulting concrete plate comply to the requirements and standards of the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing to prevent the formation of random cracks. In special cases a joint-free surface finish is possible.

We are able to provide a turn-key service, including the structural analysis and calculation according to the type of operation and the application of any insulation required.

Our production capacity is up to 2,500 m2 daily, depending on complexity and other technological factors.


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