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Explore the range of services, KK Status Concrete s.r.o. We implement industrial floors, concrete floors, resin surfaces, anhydrite screed, cement compounds. Also engaged in renovation and rehabilitation of damaged floors and staircases

You can expect from us quickly and professional work carried out using the highest quality materials and verified. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and we will strive to offer you the best service.

Concrete floors

Explore the range of concrete floors, machine-troweled concrete slab, underlay and lightweight concrete, reinforced floors are poured.

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Resin floors

Resin flooring technology is suitable for such environments, where the concrete surface itself does not meet the chemical and physical specifications required, such as lubricant and fuel contamination resistance, detergent and disinfectant resistance and high concentration acid and lye resistance.

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Anhydrite screeds

Anhydrite screeds are gaining popularity in residential buildings due to their excellent characteristic specifications. The technology is based on a mixture of anhydrite (calcium sulfate – CaSO4) binder, aggregates and water. The self levelling properties of anhydrite screeds are the main factor in the success of this technology in replacing the traditional cement screeds.

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Cement screeds

Self levelling cement screeds are usually applied as a final or smoothing coat onto cured concrete floors. The technology combines water, industrial cement based dry mixtures and various aggregates according to the specific requirements (layer thickness, colour, etc.).

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Staircase and corridor restoration and rehabilitation

A staircase is one of the most heavily trafficked parts of multistrorey buildings and as such needs to be periodically renovated. Damage to stair step surface comes from both normal traffic wear and mechanical impact from various objects dropped (for example items carried while moving in or out of residential buildings).

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Floor restoration and rehabilitation

Floors in production, storage and parking buildings as well as outdoor cement-concrete slabs are subject to wear and damage, which is proportionate to the form and intensity of use. The damage is caused not only by impacting objects or aggressive chemicals, but also by common wear and tear.

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Custom built foundations

Separate custom built foundations are required for floors in new or renovated production buildings equipped with heavy machining or manufacturing devices, which could influence surrounding structures.

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Traffic, pavement and floor marking

Nowadays, safety traffic marking is integral to both public and industrial buildings, such as shopping centres, etc. Theoretically, receiving a final building approval would be impossible without appropriate marking to indicate parking spaces, emergency escape routes, fire escapes, handicapped parking spaces, prescribed direction of driving, etc.

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Surface preparation

Thorough surface preparation is a critical part of proper floor system function (for cement screed, resin and decorative floors).

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Machine floor cleaning

With the costs rising in almost all aspects of life today, proper maintenance is critical to keep both equipment and buildings in good working order and to preserve their function as well as aesthetic value.

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